About Us

NS4ed is a rising leader in technology-based career and college education services and actionable research. Established more than 6 years ago, NS4ed has quickly become a valued partner in the education industry. By tackling complex and relevant issues based on research and aligned to policy, we empower educators with solutions to support their education initiatives and priorities.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

NS4ed is committed to eliminating discrimination by encouraging diversity and equity among the members of our workforce. Our goal as an education partner is to recognize the challenges, barriers, and obstacles that both education leaders and the students they serve face.

Our mission is that the NS4ed leadership become an authentic representation of all aspects of society. As a result, each member feels highly respected and engaged in the education communities that we serve. To reach that goal, our policy is to offer fairness and equality for everyone in our employment, making sure that there is no discrimination based on gender, race, marital status, nationality, color, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, or age or religion. All employees at NS4ed, full-time and contractual, are encouraged and supported to cultivate their full potential within our workforce.

Our History

Recognized as a valued partner in research projects to support a variety of education policies and practices, NS4ed stood for negotiated services for education.
Through our commitment to provide research that drives results, our partnerships have led us to providing comprehensive career and college education services. From those services to next-level solutions, our innovative approach focuses on delivering the best possible solutions to support long-term student success.

NS4ed, LLC was founded in 2016 by Dr. Joseph Goins with the mission to provide research, policy, and practice deliverables that yield high value and actionable results for education and the workplace. With more than 30 years’ experience in education and education technology himself, Dr. Goins was able to bring together a team of experts to offer a unique perspective on gathering data and understanding the policy effect and implications for developing models that yield mission critical change in a community, district or organization.


2016 – 2017

NS4ed participated in statewide evaluation of digital tools and effectives of a 1:1 model in Utah.

NS4ed Awarded statewide project for Technical Assistance in New Mexico around Early College High Schools

2017 – 2018

NS4ed awarded statewide contracts in Tennessee and New Mexico for the Pathway2Careers Policy Dashboard

NS4ed develops Pathway2Careers prototype

2018 – 2019

NS4ed Awarded contract for US Department of Education for the Pathway2Careers System

NS4ed Awarded statewide project for Technical Assistance in Massachusetts for Early College Programs.

2019– 2020

NS4ed Awarded Expanding Access to Well-Rounded Courses Demonstration Grant to develop comprehensive math curriculum for career readiness

NS4ed Awarded Perkins V innovation grant to develop career-focused curriculum for Math: Algebra 1, Geometry, and 8th Grade.


NS4ed releases Pathway2Careers Curriculum

Stakeholder Partners

NS4ed works closely with stakeholder partners and clients to achieve its goals in education. Some of these are listed following:

Digital Promise

Digital Promise was created with the mission to accelerate innovation in education to improve opportunities to learn. American education has pockets of excellence that outshine the best of the best around the world. Yet, huge gaps exist between learning outcomes, graduation rates, and college readiness of students based on race, class, and where they live. Digital Promise works to ensure that all people at every stage of their lives have access to learning experiences that help them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive and continuously learn in an ever-changing world. NS4ed works closely with Digital Promise on identifying these gaps and developing solutions in education.

High Plains Regionals Education Cooperative #3

Dedicated to education excellence, the High Plains Regional Education Cooperative (HPREC) provides innovative and research-based support and services to member districts. As the public education landscape evolves, HPREC provides expertise, powerful tools, and systematic approaches to assist school districts in meeting educational goals. NS4ed has worked with HPREC to identify innovative programs for funding and support NS4ed’s New Mexico multi-year initiative for Early College High Schools.

Front Porch Studios

A dynamic podcasting studio, “Front Porch Studios” is led by Troy Price and Della Justice. Long holding a passion for radio and the dissemination of long-form conversation of the airwaves, Front Porch Studios’ leadership specializing in providing and producing information, entertaining, and personal conversation. NS4ed works with Front Porch Studios on his social media and Web-based initiatives.

Imagination Library

Through the efforts of the Imagination Library (DPIL), Dolly Parton works incredibly hard to ensure that each and every child, regardless of income or background, is literate and has the opportunity to explore a world only literature can take us too. Whether dreaming of a career as a doctor, signer, or anything else, “The seed of these dreams are often found in books and the seeds you help plant in your community can grow across the world.” Through more than 20 years, the Imagination Library has provided over 102,000,000 books to millions of children, sowing the seeds of greatness across the United States. NS4ed has conducted extensive evaluations of DPIL, and provided a roadmap for professional development for the foundation.

Measured Progress

The mission of Measured Progress is to improve teaching and learning by providing customizable assessment products and educational services. As it extends its capabilities to meet changing assessment needs, Measured Progress remains true to its founding philosophy: Assessment is a means, not an end. It’s all about student learning. NS4ed works closely with Measured Progress on program assessments and evaluations.