Coaching Phases

The NS4ed Coaching Model

NS4ed has a goal to offer prescriptive and detailed coaching for each organization that we serve. This process includes several phases of services that may include needs assessments, reflection tools, benchmark development, milestone determination and measurement, goal setting, and other support as needed. We take pride in our work and will ensure organizational targets are properly identified and met. Our coaching strategy spans over 4 main phases. The goal of each phase is to work with the school-based leadership team to reach specific benchmarks towards the completion of the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) goals.  

Below is a quick graphic of the flow of these phases with high level outcomes. These phases are not linear and the NS4ed team with the input of the school-based leadership team may pivot within the phases at any time during the coaching journey.

The NS4ed Coach will build trust with client. This process includes strategic community building and an explanation of services. During this phase, the coach will ensure the client understand the outcomes and pacing of the coaching journey.

Coaching Framework/Discussion Points:

  • Use initial meetings for the following purpose:
    • Build Community/Introductions
    • Establish meeting dates/times
    • Establish meeting norms and expectations
    • Share contact information
  • Provide shared repository/drive information
  • Review NS4ed coaching strategy and phases of implementation
  • Discuss Proposed Goals

The NS4ed coach will lead the leadership team through an intensive evaluation of program progress, feasibility, and alignment with state and local program goals. An intense reflection of historical decision-making and its implication on the education program will be evaluated with the leadership team of the school. The process will invite multiple perspectives to the conversations for a critical evaluation of historical and future benchmarks and milestones. Data evaluation will be a necessary part of this exercise.

Benchmark/milestone assessment will be a vital tool in goal orientation and implementation. The coaching process will include various touchpoints and comprehensive reviews to ensure pre-determined SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound) goals are met during the coaching timeline.

Coaching Framework/Discussion Points:

  • Initial coaching session to examine school’s desired outcomes
    • Where are you? Where do you want to be? Why?
  • Develop feasible timeline with checkpoint items
  • Discuss relevant obstacles/challenges
  • Send appropriate link(s)/document(s) from repository/shared drive
  • Share the NS4ed Reflection tool or guiding document for collection of pertinent data used to inform next steps
  • Analyze the reflection tool or other document
  • Evaluate mitigation strategies for challenges and barriers to ensure goal attainment
  • Create SMART goals with timeline
  • Define team milestones and timeline
  • Provide coaching support aligned with coaching responsibilities defined by contractual agreement

The NS4ed representative and school-based leadership team will reevaluate the goals and outcomes of Phase 2. A comprehensive review process shall support the leadership team in determining what metrics of the SMART goal were met and next steps in continuous improvement.

Coaching Framework/Discussion Points:

  • Review of SMART goal, action steps, and progress
  • Re-evaluate initial Reflection Tool or other guiding document responses with focus on identified priorities and strategies
  • Revisit existing resources to determine if additional support is needed to move forward
  • Recognition of collaborative efforts via current or predicted program metrics

The NS4ed coach will use feedback to reflect on the outcomes of the coaching experience for both coach and school leadership team. During this phase, the focus is on gathering data that will be used for NS4ed’s future coaching program development. Additionally, NS4ed will provide all collected documents in a shared drive to school leadership team.

Coaching Framework/Discussion Points:

  • Share closure documentation to leadership team
  • Send evaluation form to coaching participant
  • Shared repository/drive link
  • Final meeting time with conference link
  • Recap/summary of the intake/discovery session