Navigating Students to Early College Success

Why attend?


A two-day event for designers with the innovation bug. The gathering will include workshops, fascinating talks, and give-aways that will help you start thinking about the future of design in all fields as it relates to Early College. Shout out to the ones who want to be those who will change our future pathway.

Know the

keynote speakers

Learn from the best in the field

Breezy Gutierrez

Director of the college & Career
Readiness bureau

Dr. Lenny Howard

Senior Leadership Coach for p2C (Pathway 2 Careers)

Michael Mays

Director of
workforce learning

Kevin O'Shea

Educational Administrator,
college & Career Readiness Bureau

Trevor Stokes

Vice President of Career Readiness Initiatives
P2C (Pathaway 2 Careeers)

Dr. Jamisa Williams

Vice-President of School Services P2C
(Pathway 2 Careers)

What you will get

We have created two days of amazing workshops, inspirational design lectures, and meetings with other creative people for you to connect and learn from.

At least 6 Speakers
4 Workshops
Debrief & Actual work time
Join us for an engaging and transformative workshop as we embark on an exciting journey with our theme, “GPS: A Roadmap to Exemplary Status.” This workshop equips educators, parents, and students with the essential tools and guidance to navigate the path toward early college enrollment and academic excellence.

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