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We believe that educational coaching is a best practice for supporting practitioner development as a key methodology for student success and high-quality outcomes. Thus, we focus our coaching strategy on client-centered prescriptive services for school-based continuous improvement to meet and exceed school district and state outcomes. 

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Early College

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Early college high schools offer students with an established pathway to earn transferrable college credits or an associate degree.  This approach to education significantly increases the likelihood of earning a college degree.  By exposing students to college courses during high school, students are more likely to complete college and that is especially true for low-income students.  Several studies show that this approach increases student engagement in learning and provides opportunities to examine college and potential careers that align with their strengths and interests. The ECHS model is also a proven and effective approach to closing the equity gap in education. Programs are designed to increase equitable access and offer the underserved and underrepresented population a path to post-secondary education.